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Vectorworks CAD software solutions bring your ideas to life. From concept design to detailed drawings and presentation images, they allow you to express and realise your design vision, precisely.
As the exclusive distributor of Vectorworks CAD software products in New Zealand and the South Pacific, Megabits offers a comprehensive range of solutions. We offer each of our customers a customised software package, designed to suit their specific requirements.

The Robinia wood façade of the Westside Shopping and Leisure Centre in Bern-Brünnen, Switzerland artfully integrates into the surrounding rural countryside to the west.
— Photo courtesy of Architect Daniel Libeskind AG

Fundamental to my thinking and motivation is that buildings and urban projects are crafted with perceptible human energy and that they speak to the larger cultural community in which they are built.

―Daniel Libeskind, Architect Daniel Libeskind AG, Zürich, Switzerland

Portuguese architect Paulo Fernandes Pedroso and his team at Inoxidar, estimates they spent about 25% less time and money creating this hospital design near Lisbon. This was because they were using a Vectorworks Building Information Modeling (BIM) workflow to handle the extensive number of changes required during the project, rather than relying on conventional processes.

Vectorworks Architect

Vectorworks Architect is an architecture software package that is fully BIM compliant and has everything you need to get your project to completion.

Incorporating both Vectorworks Architect and Vectorworks Mechanical, the 3D capability and in-built NURBS facility enable users to create complex shapes with ease.

Vectorworks Architect can import and export a wide range of file formats allowing you to work seamlessly with other disciplines. It has a reputation as the best 2D drawing tool available in any CAD software.

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Vectorworks InteriorCAD

Produced by Extra Group – the leading European Producer of Cabinet and Joinery Software – InteriorCAD is an add-on to Vectorworks and integrates seamlessly. Including tools for cabinets and shelving worktops, it is ideal for designing kitchens, bathrooms and joinery.

Combining the power and speed of Vectorworks with Renderworks rendering produces stunning presentations, and the point and shoot application makes designing an efficient process. Creating libraries is fast and simple and each component can be easily modified.

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Vectorworks Designer

Vectorworks Designer enables users to draft, model, and present in a single, intuitive interface. The package includes all the architecture software, drafting software, landscape design software, lighting software and interior design software for the design professional that does it all.

Vectorworks Designer includes:

  • Vectorworks Architect
  • Vectorworks Landmark
  • Vectorworks Spotlight
  • Vectorworks Mechanical
  • Vectorworks Fundamentals
  • Vectorworks Renderworks

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Vectorworks Landmark

Vectorworks Landmark is an industry-leading landscape design software, providing tools for landscaping, land planning and horticulture.

Vectorworks Landmark landscape design software is the product of choice at the internationally-acclaimed School of Landscape Architecture at Lincoln University and ships with the unique NZ Plant Database.

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Cinema 4D

Cinema 4D is a stand-alone rendering application used to produce high quality still images and animated movies for presentations.

The direct export from Vectorworks Architect to Cinema 4D means any lighting or textures used in Vectorworks are carried through to Cinema 4D.

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Camera Match in Vectorworks

Camera Match is now incorporated in Vectorworks from version 2018. It allows quick and accurate alignment of a 3D view with a photograph.

This is a valuable time saving tool in the presentation and visualisation process.

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