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Over the years we’ve seen users see the benefit of using Vectorworks in their businesses, however they have not been able to realise some of their potential because the day to day work gets in the way. We had courses which meant time away from the business and travellng to a physical location….not any more.

Vector-workout is a comprehensive online training programme for architects, landscape designers, 3D modellers and educators. This programme is for all skill levels. Even if you’re an experienced user, you will find pro-tips, new techniques, videos and special interest groups.

As a Vectoworkout subscriber, you will get:

  • a free Vectorworks Fundamentals course
  • new Vectorworks manual/video/information each month
  • over 100 back-issues of training manuals
  • over 1100 videos to watch and learn
  • access to monthly interactive workshops
  • access to special interest groups where you interact with users around the world

The subscription is valid for a year and you can follow the programme at your own pace.

Jonathan Pickup, who runs Vector-workout has been using and training Vectorworks users for over two decades. He says, “It is our belief, and experience shows this, that small amounts of regular training improve your use of Vectorworks by building your skill level in a digestible way. Each month you will be using Vectorworks more effectively and more productively that you ever thought possible. We have been writing the monthly manuals for over two years, and the feedback is tremendous. The users respond really well, because I ask users what they want to know. The online sessions are fantastic, because the users get a change to ask questions and get answers instantly.”

Comments from Subscribers:

“Its current format is great. The online notes are a valuable resource, and compliment the monthly meetings, reinforcing the usergroup discussion topics. Attending and participating in the meetings is an essential part of the usergroup. People with a common purpose, using the programme in different applications and at varying levels of competency, are able to share their combined skills and experience. I believe the user group is great value for money and the catalyst in motivating me to further develop expertise and skill in the use of Vectorworks and thus benefit from the strengths of the programme. Regards” – Chris Johnston

“You are a CAD professional. You have your ‘comfort zone.’ Each month, Jonathan Pickup emails a new topic to his user group members. Typically there is a solution that the programmers envisioned along with some tips and tricks to accomplish the same task several other ways. You come away with a much enhanced appreciation of your craft.” – Gene Wilson, GRoW, Inc.

“Like a lot of small practice “senior” practitioners I thought/hoped I could keep working without any cad skills. I probably could have; but, as you know, I am pleased that I started with Vectorworks Landmark a couple of years ago. I find the monthly manuals helpful in continuing to refine my skills generally, and I especially benefit from the “tips” you include.” – John Powell

“I always enjoy the User group meetings and encourage my team to attend as many as possible. We always learn something that we either didn’t know before or had forgotten that it existed because some of the tools are not used very often. We are always interested in the experience of others and know that only through networking and other associations can we advance our skills. Traveling from Orewa presents some difficulty for us but the trip is always worth the effort. Thank you for your ongoing support and I encourage anyone using Vectorworks to take advantage of the opportunity for learning that you and the group are providing.” – Bruce Campbell

“As a relatively experienced user (since MiniCad 7) I think the Vectorworks online user group would be of great help for someone starting out. However for old hands too, there are always slightly better or more reliable ways of doing things, and out in the provinces where Vectorworks is still in the minority, I have found the user group tutorials & movies a useful contact to keep abreast of developments and efficient use of the programme.” – Jim Scrivener

Workshops for Vectorworks Instructors

For teachers of Vectorworks in high schools and tertiary training organizations, there’s a new Education special interest group. This has been created, to provide a practical resource to teachers, to ensure the best tools are available for teachers in a classroom.

Great Value offer:

The offer is $437 incl GST for 12 months when you subscribe and includes FREE lab sets of Vectorworks for your school when you order this workshop with the printed tutorials.

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