Quantity Reporting for Landscapers




This online workshop will introduce you to the concept of quantity reporting in Vectorworks. It  will start by looking at the concept of worksheets, how they find information and how we can make a worksheet report the information that we want. Taught by Jonathan Pickup, this workshop will be available on request.

Module 1 – Introduction to Worksheets
Worksheets are the basis of reporting in Vectorworks. This module will introduce you to the concept of worksheets, show you how to format worksheets, explain how Vectorworks finds information, and show you an example where the worksheet can find all the required information for a landscaper.

Module 2 – Creating Parametric Objects
Vectorworks has several parametric objects. These parametric objects are so called because the size and volume of these objects is controlled by parameters that you can access through the Object Info palette. These parameters can also be reported in worksheets. That makes these objects extremely useful for quantity reporting. In this module we will be looking at several parametric objects and showing how we can report information from these objects.

Module 3 – Introduction to Objects with Data Attached
Parametric objects are extremely useful but sometimes they don’t go far enough. When you want to create objects and there is not a parametric object to do the job, we can achieve the required result by attaching information to objects. This is an extremely powerful and flexible way to create reports in Vectorworks.

Module 4 – Reporting Objects with Data Attached
In this final module, we will learn how to create a worksheet that it finds the objects with data attached and converts those objects into the required information. For example, we might need to find the volume of concrete for a post. We may be able to use a parametric object but if this is not acceptable, we can create an object with information attached and using a worksheet to calculate the volume of the concrete from the information we have attached to the post. We may want to calculate the length of edging to a garden, and in the cost of a clothes line, or add in the price of something that has not been used before.


Feedback on this course

“The Quantity Reporting for Landscapers workshop is extremely valuable for any Vectorworks user at any level of expertise.  The information specific to reporting was in-depth and also highlighted some new ‘quick tips’ for enhanced workflow.  The presentation was accurately paced and well presented. As always, there isn’t a question about Vectorworks Jonathan can’t answer.”

— Melissa Davis, Landscape Architect


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