Licence Options

As a Cinema 4D user, you have various licence options to choose from.

Perpetual Licence

Perpetual licences offer the ‘traditional’ licensing model and the greatest degree of transparency: you purchase your Cinema 4D licence and can use the software indefinitely. You can update to the latest release any time. Keep your perpetual licence up-to-date with the optional Maxon Service Agreement.

Two types of perpetual licences are available:

Single Seat Licence:

This can be installed and used on a single computer only. Using the licence on multiple computers is not possible. This licence is only valid for a single release but can be used indefinitely.

Multiple Seat Licence:

This licence lets you define the maximum number of users who can use the software simultaneously. The software can be installed on any number of computers, which are managed by a licence server. The licence server restricts the number of installations used simultaneously to the maximum number defined by the licence key. This licence is only valid for a single release but can be used indefinitely.

Short-term Licence

The short-term licences makes it possible to integrate Cinema 4D’s complete toolset into your workflow for as long as you want.

3-6 Month Licence:

Cinema 4D short-term licences are available for 3-6 months and can easily be downloaded.

These licences can be used with serial number-dependent plugins and are available as single-seat or floating multi licences, which makes them easy to integrate seamlessly into existing production environments.

Short-term licences can be extended by 3-6 months. You can also choose between the current version or a previous release version so your workflow can continue uninterrupted.

Switching Licences:

Switching from Short-term to Perpetual Licence is easy and can be done whenever you want. If you opt for this, 75% of the Short-term licence fees you’ve paid will be credited towards the purchase of the Perpetual Licence.

Details and terms for switching licences can be found in the FAQs.

Educational Licences

Free Cinema 4D Educational Licence:

The Cinema 4D Educational License can be used by any student with written confirmation of their student status from their educational institution. The licence is valid for 18 months and can be extended successively for 18 months after your student status has be reconfirmed. This is a single seat licence and can only be used on the computer on which it was activated. More

Cinema 4D Student Licence for purchase:

This licence can be used by any student with written confirmation of their student status from their educational institution. The licence is valid for 18 months. An extension is not possible – the licence must be purchased new. However, we offer upgrades to full commercial versions from the current (and the previous) Release version at attractive pricing! Contact us   More

Free Cinema 4D Educational Licence for Instructors:

The Cinema 4D Educational Licence can be used by any teacher or instructor with a valid proof of employment as such at a state-run or state-recognised educational institution. On submission of valid verification, the licence can be continually extended for an additional 18 months and the currently available release can be re-applied for. The licence is a single-seat license and can only be used on the computer on which it was activated. In addition to this, Maxon will also offer you comprehensive teaching and educational materials that will help you create the perfect curriculum for your students. More

Cinema 4D Classroom Licences:

Maxon provides Cinema 4D Studio to schools, colleges and universities at affordable prices and other support. More

Frequently Asked Questions

+ Are these monthly subscriptions for Cinema 4D?

No. These are short-term licences for Cinema 4D that are restricted to a pre-defined time period.

+ Does this mean Maxon is eliminating perpetual licences?

No. Maxon is committed to Perpetual Licences. Short-term licence is a solution to make it possible for individuals to acquire Cinema 4D and for larger companies to adjust licensing counts to tide over short-term production needs.

+ How do I get my software and licence?

All licences are downloadable.

+ What happens when my licenced time ends?

Once the purchased time period ends, the licence expires and you will not be able to work on the software. A prompt will be displayed 14 days prior to the expiry.

+ Can a Short-term Licence be extended?

Yes, licences can be extended or reactivated by purchasing another 3 or 6 month term. Breaks between licensing periods are possible. When extending your Short-term Licence, you will automatically receive the latest version of Cinema 4D. You can, upon request, opt to extend your existing licence as well.

+Will I automatically be charged for another licence term?

No. Since these are not subscriptions, short-term licences will not automatically be renewed.

+ For which version of Cinema 4D can I purchase a Short-term Licence?

Maxon offers Short-term Licence for Cinema 4D only.

+ How does the Short-term Licence work?

The Short-term Licence requires two serial numbers – a Cinema 4D serial number and a runtime number that defines the time period. Licences can be verified in the Cinema 4D registration dialogue, which also shows how many days remain before the licence expires.

+ Can I get a Short-term Floating Licence?

Yes. Floating or Multi-licensing is possible. in this case, a third serial number defines the number of licences that can be used concurrently. The Maxon Licence Server required to administer Short-term Floating Licences is not included.

However, a previously purchased Maxon Licence Server can be used. Please note that due to technical limitations, the number of licences linked to one serial number cannot be changed within the defined term.

Adding i.e. purchasing additional floating licences to the same linked serial number after expiration is possible. Reducing the number of licences requires a new and additional serial number, runtime number and multi-licensing number.

+ Can I use serialised plugins with a Short-term Cinema 4D Licence?

Yes. You can purchase and use serialised plugins with the Short-term Licence. When extending a Short-term Licence, you can still keep the same Cinema 4D serial number to which the plugin serial number is linked. As a result, there should be no problem with plugins linked to your Cinema 4D serial number.

+ What kind of support is offered for Short-term Licences?

A Short-term Licence is entitled to the same installation support as Perpetual Licences. No additional services are included.

+ Will I automatically get an upgrade when a new version is released?

Short-term licences are not eligible for automatic upgrades within the defined runtime period. If customers order shortly before a new release comes to market, they continue with the release that was purchased.

Service updates (service packs) are available as they are for perpetual licences. However, once a Short-term Licence has expired a new Short-term Licence of the latest release can be purchased.

+ Can I upgrade my Short-term Licence to a permanent licence?

Yes. If you wish to upgrade to a Perpetual Licence, 75% of the Short-term Licence fee you’ve paid will go towards your purchase of a Perpetual Licence.

A Maxon Service Agreement must be purchased at the time of upgrade. In order to receive credit for multiple terms, your Short-term Licence must be active and the terms concurrent (no breaks between terms). Credits cannot exceed the cost of the Perpetual Studio Licence and only one-to-one licence credits can be applied to an upgrade. Short-term Licence credits cannot be refunded or used for purchases other than an upgrade to a Perpetual Licence.