Vectorworks Subscriptions is our new licence rental program.

Monthly and yearly subscriptions are both available, so you can subscribe for as long as you need.

Monthly subscriptions are perfect for short-term needs, such as special projects or temporary staff. Your monthly subscription will be automatically renewed each month, but you have the flexibility to cancel up to four days before your renewal date to avoid the charges for the next billing cycle.

Yearly subscriptions are a cost-effective way to maintain a subscription for one full year. You will be billed once at the start of your subscription, and your yearly subscription will remain active for 12 months. The yearly subscription offers a 2-month discount over the rental subscription (pay for 10 months and get 12!). Your yearly subscription will automatically renew at the end of your one-year subscription term and you can cancel up to four days before your renewal date to avoid the charges on your next billing cycle.

A cancelled subscription can be reactivated at any time.

Receive Technical Support

As a subscriber, you have access to:

• Online resources: Access helpful documentation, tutorials, training videos, and community support forums online.

• Support specialists: Contact Megabits by email or phone 09 445 8480 for assistance with technical issues regarding subscription licences.

Receive the Newest Software Updates

You’ll get immediate access to new software releases and improvements.

Work From Anywhere

Use the software at work, home, or on-the-go. You can install your subscription licence on 2 machines (such as a desktop and a laptop, Mac or PC) but only 1 copy can be in use at a time.

Easily Manage Your Subscription

Manage your software licences seamlessly from your account in the Customer Portal.

More Questions?

Click here to see prices and subscription options.

Frequently Asked Questions

+ Can I order additional subscriptions under the same account?

Yes, you can order multiple subscription licences through the Vectorworks subscription program.

To add licences, visit the HOME page in the Customer Portal and click on ADD NEW SUBSCRIPTION. This will take you to a page with different subscription plan options. Select a new licence and follow the checkout process. Once your purchase is made, you will be able to view and edit all your licences in the Customer Portal under HOME.

+ After placing my order, how long will it take before I have access to my subscription?

You will have access to your subscription software immediately.

+ What is the subscription process?

Please select a plan and you’ll be prompted to either sign in to your existing Vectorworks account or to create a new one.

Once you complete the purchase process, you will receive your installation information at checkout and via email. Your subscription will automatically be renewed on your specified renewal date, unless cancelled.

Please note, your device needs to be connected to the internet while Vectorworks is running within three days of your renewal date for your renewal to work. If you are not connected, you will receive a message asking you to connect to the internet to access your subscription software. Once connected, you will be able to continue using your software as usual.

+ When can I cancel my subscription?

Your monthly or annual subscription may be cancelled up to four days before your renewal date to avoid the charges for the next billing cycle.

+ What happens if I want to cancel my subscription?

Cancellation requests may be submitted by clicking on the “CANCEL” button located under your licence information in the Customer Portal under HOME. Make sure to submit your cancellation at least four days before your software renewal date. Once cancelled, your software will continue working until the end of your billing cycle.

You will not be charged with any cancellation fees. Also, once the cancellation process is complete and your software has expired, you will no longer have access to your Vectorworks licence to open any files you created with it.

Don’t panic! You can still access and print your files using the Vectorworks File Viewer.

+ How do I make a return or receive a refund?

We offer a refund up to 30 days after activation for yearly subscriptions, but we do not offer refunds for monthly subscriptions. If you no longer need your monthly subscription, please be sure to cancel four days before your renewal date.

+ If I cancel my subscription, can I reactivate it in the future if I need to use Vectorworks again?

Yes, you can log on to the Customer Portal to activate a previous licence at any time. Under HOME in the top navigation in the portal, choose the licence you want to be reactivate, and you will be directed to a screen asking for new payment information.

Please be aware that once you cancel your subscription, we cannot guarantee the same price will apply; the pricing may increase before you reactivate.

+ What happens to my subscription when a new version of Vectorworks is released?

We will provide you with the new software version through the Customer Portal.

+ Are there any contracts or hidden fees?

No. Cancellations may be submitted any time through the Customer Portal and need to be received at least four days before the renewal date. If there is ever a change in our renewal rates, we will be sure to notify you beforehand. Please note that once you cancel your subscription, we cannot guarantee the same price will apply in the future if you reactivate your licence.

+ What form of payment do you accept?

We accept VISA, MasterCard, Discover and American Express cards. Rest assured, we do not store any cardholder information on our server. All payments are encrypted and securely handled by Stripe.

+ How do I get a copy of my invoice?

You can view your payment history at any time within the Customer Portal under PAYMENTS. To view an invoice, please click on the invoice number under PAYMENT HISTORY, and your invoice will open in a new window.

+ I have an expired trial version of Vectorworks installed on my machine. Can I convert this to a Subscription Licence?

Yes, if you have a current trial version installed, you can convert this to a subscription licence. Once you open Vectorworks on your machine, you will be prompted to enter a new serial number. When you complete a subscription purchase online, you will receive a new serial number, and it will be sent to you in a confirmation email, as well. You can also find your serial number in the Customer Portal under HOME.

+ Can I install my Vectorworks Subscription Licence on a laptop as well as my primary machine?

Yes, but you can only actively use your Vectorworks subscription on one device at a time.

+ Is the software installer available in a physical format?

Vectorworks subscriptions are only available via download. We offer the option of a USB installer with a Vectorworks Perpetual Licence.

+ Does this mean Vectorworks is eliminating Perpetual Licences?

No. Vectorworks remains committed to offering perpetual licences. Subscription licensing is a solution for those who would like greater flexibility or have short-term needs, such as special projects or temporary staff.

+ Can I convert my Subscription Licence to a Perpetual Licence?

Vectorworks Subscriptions is an alternative to perpetual licensing and there is no conversion or credit provided when switching from one licence type to another.

+ Still have questions?

Please contact Megabits Trust at 09 445 8480 Monday to Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. New Zealand Time.


The New Zealand subscription website is now available: