Vectorworks Designer

Vectorworks Designer is the ultimate CAD software solution for design professionals who want absolute freedom of expression.

The world’s premier CAD software solution, Vectorworks Designer has been specifically developed for design professionals in the Architecture, Landscape, and Entertainment industries.

It provides a competitive edge by offering a complete set of design tools that integrate the technology of every Vectorworks product into a single, intuitive interface.

Whether you need to draft, model, or present, Vectorworks Designer makes the process easy and ensures your vision is realised precisely.

The design and creation of the Nisga’a Museum, in Greenville, British Columbia by Hillel Architecture Inc, fulfilled an incredible dream, for these minority people.

Peter Walker, a leading landscape architect in the Modernist movement was chosen to help design and build the National 9/11 Memorial in New York City, and his list of accolades continues to expand.

For more than twenty years, Christien Methot has created the ambience for commercial and residential architectural spaces, theatre, broadcast, music, film, retail, art, fashion, and corporate events.

    Frequently Asked Questions
+ Why choose Vectorworks Designer?

A. Vectorworks Designer gives you the freedom to design the way you want, and realise your concepts precisely. It is versatile and flexible, so you can create, model, and present easily and precisely with one application.

It’s also intuitive, so it works the way you think.

For design-focussed practices, Vectorworks Designer is a smart investment that is affordable, customer-focused, and proven worldwide.

+ How flexible is Vectorworks Designer?

A. Vectorworks Designer software is very flexible and doesn’t limit the user to a prescribed workflow, giving you the freedom to design in your own way.

You can incorporate your existing approach to design, to make the best use of the skills you already have in-house. You can also collaborate seamlessly with other people and other software applications.

+ Can I create, model and present with one application?

A. Yes. Vectorworks Designer has been developed specifically to make it easy to create, model, and present using one application.

From design concepts to construction documentation and every phase in between, Vectorworks Designer marries precision drafting and flexible modelling with state-of-the-art technology.

Users are able to move easily between tasks, improving efficiency and profitability within their practice.

+ How easy is it to learn Vectorworks?

A. Vectorworks is designed to be an intuitive and easy-to-use CAD software solution.

Its simple, customisable interface and ‘what-you-see-is-what-you-get’ display make it easier to learn and use than standard CAD software applications.

Vectorworks’ SmartCursor technology replaces manual drafting tools, so even inexperienced CAD software users can make the switch easily.

+ Can I get support and training for Vectorworks Designer in New Zealand?

A. Megabits offers a comprehensive range of training resources. These are available throughout New Zealand and the Pacific Islands to ensure you maximise your investment in Vectorworks.

Help is available when you need it and you don’t pay for training or support you don’t use. Learn more about our support and training resources.

+ Can I render in Vectorworks Designer?

A. All Vectorworks software packages include Renderworks, the best-in-industry rendering feature set built on the award-winning Cinema 4D render engine. Renderworks provides the tools necessary to visualize your work throughout the design process while producing clear and accurate illustrations. Are you presenting your designs in the best possible way? Learn how here

+ How much does Vectorworks Designer cost?

A. To ensure you have the right tools for your design requirements, Megabits will provide a customised quote for your business. Contact us to book a consultation.