A quantum leap in joinery software

Quantum is powerful joinery software that provides a total solution for design, presentation, nesting and production.

It seamlessly integrates Vectorworks with the latest, state-of-the-art version of Interiorcad and world leading EnRoute nesting software, to create a user-experience that can’t be beaten.

Whether you’re creating a simple ‘square box’ product or a complex organic design, Quantum makes the entire process simple, efficient and precise.


Joinery designed with Vectorworks by Creative Displays

In an industry where technology rules, many joinery businesses are still limited by the software they use. Quantum is a total solution that enables joinery designers and manufacturers to design, present, nest and produce high quality products, using a single, seamlessly integrated software solution.

Designed as an affordable solution for businesses of all sizes, Quantum is backed by a friendly and expert, New Zealand-based training and support team.

Jewellery cabinet, transparent


When it comes to creating organic shapes, Quantum provides unmatched capability. It pairs the power of Vectorworks with the latest version of Interiorcad, which has been completely re-written to be a state-of-the-art, world-leading solution for joinery design. The result is a seamlessly integrated software platform that makes creating even the most complex concepts a simple task.



Quantum’s ability to produce high quality, photo-like renders makes pitching your concept a breeze. Your clients will be able to see exactly how the end product will look, giving them the confidence to invest in your design. Quantum also makes it easy to estimate the cost of a project precisely, ensuring your quotes are accurate and your profitability is protected.

Nesting layouts


Quantum takes nesting software to the next level. Its seamlessly integrated EnRoute software provides world-leading nesting capability that can be used with virtually any CNC machine.

exploded view


When it comes to production, Quantum will ensure fast turnarounds and an outstanding result, and the result matches your concept perfectly. Sophisticated nesting software ensures raw materials are optimised, and clever labelling tools make it easy to track jobs and components accurately.


With a track record spanning nearly 30 years, and a host of high profile clients, Creative Displays provides some of New Zealand’s most innovative display cabinet solutions. In 2015, a switch to Quantum saw the business increase its design capability and dramtically improve production workflow.

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