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Vectorworks Viewer

If you have old files you wish to open you can do so with the FREE Vectorworks Viewer for the latest version of the software or the version it was drawn in, depending on your computer operating system. The viewer allows you to open the document and print it. You can download the Viewer for FREE here.

Getting Started Guides for Vectorworks 

These guides are designed to provide you with a strong base as you learn to use Vectorworks to design, communicate and document the ideas that you are passionate about. The Guides are free video tutorials and you can choose the versions from 2016 onwards. Each video tutorial will take you through the format and available features.

The Basics

This guide will walk you through the overall user interface, mouse interaction and document organisation. In addition, it will also introduce you to the basic use of tools and commands in the software.

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2-D Free-form Modeling

This guide will introduce you to many of the 2D and 3D modeling tools available in Vectorworks, through the creation of a skate park.

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This guide will take you through the use of the core architectural tools and introduce you to key concepts ranging from the uses for classes and layers to symbol types and publishing your projects.

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Site Design

In this guide, you will be introduced to many of the Landmark design tools. Starting with Plants, you will learn how to use the Plant tool and configure Plant Definition settings and graphics.

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Irrigation Design

Bryan D. Goff, a Vectorworks user, demonstrates how to use the various irrigation tools available, to create effective irrigation designs. You will be introduced to all of the irrigation tools and their settings.

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You will be introduced to the many design tools available with Spotlight and we will also explore preparing a project for export to Vision as well as review the capabilities of the various Cable tools available in Vectorworks.

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Rendering in Vectorworks

From configuring Renderworks Cameras and applying basic render modes to lighting and texturing, this guide will give a good base for exploring the power and capabilities of Renderworks.

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Moving to Vectorworks

These guides will introduce you to key concepts of Vectorworks and how you can gain efficiency by adopting Vectorworks for your project cycle.

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Additional Help Online

The first place to check for Help, is the inbuilt help file, within your Vectorworks application.

Vectorworks Knowledgebase
Find answers to the most common technical questions; watch video tutorials and tech tips in one place.

Vectorworks Community Board
If you have a Vectorworks question or need of advice about your industry, most likely a Vectorworks specialist has already posted the answer for you.

Vectorworks Galleries
View images from Vectorworks users from across the globe.

Vectorworks Student Portal
Resources and latest news pertaining to our student users.

Vectorworks YouTube Channel
Vectorworks YouTube channel has numerous overviews and how-to videos available for viewing.

Vectorworks Service Select Portal
Additional learning resources and preferred support status for subscribers of Vectorworks Service Select available here.

Free Webinars

Join experts across various industries and get up to speed with design trends, new technologies and dynamic workflows. In just one hour, you can improve your design process and learn innovative ways to express your creative vision. Watch Webinars here. Upcoming online training events.

Free Resene Colours

The latest Resene colours can now be downloaded directly from the Resene web site in to your Vectorworks colour palette.

The Resene Range is an ideal resource for use with the enhanced Cinema4D rendering capability in Vectorworks 2012 through to 2017 and will allow all designers the opportunity to produce stunning designs for their clients.

Download and installation instructions are available here.

Updated Sept 2016.

Vector Depo

This is a site where Vectorworks users share helpful tips. You can find drawings and other resources here.