Whether it’s through the software solutions we offer, or the way we operate as a business, Megabits is committed to making a positive impact on our community. We maintain a strong focus on reducing our impact on the environment, and we are also proud to support a number of worthwhile not-for-profit organisations.

Whether you have thought about it or not, it doesn’t take much to recycle, re-use or place in appropriate commercial bins, the “things” we no longer need in our lives.

We hope you’ll never need to call the Westpac Rescue Helicopter, but you want it to be there when you need it, so be sure to support it before you need them.

If there’s a family in need, you know the Salvation Army are there to help. Whether it’s clothing, furniture or a listening ear, help the Salvation Army to help others in need, if you’re not in a position to help yourself.


Going green is a personal journey and it’s one we’re passionate about pursuing. That’s why we’re committed to a range of initiatives that lighten our environmental footprint and help promote a more sustainable way of doing business.

Energy Conservation

  • Our fleet includes Toyota hybrid vehicles.
  • We reduce our carbon footprint by supporting, teaching and demonstrating to clients ‘online’.
  • We use laptops whenever we can – they’re 90 percent more efficient than desktop computers.
  • We choose low-energy light bulbs for the office.
  • Instead of having a subscription, we read newspapers on the internet.
  • We request online statements from suppliers and use the internet for bill payments and banking.
  • Our working environment has been designed to consider the sun in providing warm and cool zones that reduce heating and air-conditioning costs.
  • When we’re not using lights and power-run appliances for extended periods, we turn them off at the wall.
  • We use gas for heating hot water, so we’re not wasting energy by unnecessarily storing it in hot water cylinders.


  • We recycle all plastic, glass, metal and paper.
  • We take reusable bags on our shopping trips.
  • We donate high quality goods and clothing we no longer require to organisations such as the local Hospice shop or the Salvation Army.

Sustainable food sources

  • Some of our team members grow their own vegetables at home and harvest honey from their own beehive (yes, even in the city!)

Got an idea that will help us on our journey? We’d love it hear it.

Westpac Helicopter Trust

Megabits is a proud sponsor of the Helicopter Trust. As an organization that receives no government funding, we think it’s a good idea to help keep these guys in the air – you never know when you or your loved ones will need them!

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North Shore Hospice

We all have ‘stuff’ we don’t use that could useful to someone else. At Megabits, we’ve been delighted to pass on good quality second hand goods and clothes that can be sold in the Hospice stores, to support these amazing units. If you’ve ever had a loved one cared for by the great teams in a Hospice, you’ll know this is a cause well worth supporting.

Salvation Army

The Salvation Army does an amazing amount of work in a wide range of areas in the community. We’ve been happy to support them in a number of ways, including sending them good quality items of furniture we have no further use for, which are passed on to families who need them.