interior cad

Vectorworks InteriorCAD is an end-to-end CAD software solution for the design and manufacture of cabinets and architectural joinery.

InteriorCAD has an intuitive user interface, making it easy to learn, as well as sophisticated presentation abilities and three-dimensional production planning.

Vectorworks InteriorCAD uses a 3D workflow to create cabinets, custom joinery or furniture of any shape or size. Sophisticated parametric tools enable users to create casework with unmatched ease and speed.

Kitchen presentation is important to enable the client to visualise the final result in their home. Choose from a hand sketch mode or photo like textures. Three different styles are overlaid here to show the different results.

Whether the joinery is for shop fittings, bathrooms, wardrobes, kitchens or offices, Vectorworks InteriorCAD enables a great design to construction workflow.

Appliances are easily added to the joinery constructed in Vectorworks InteriorCAD. All of the information that’s needed for cutting the joinery with CNC is created in the design process. A real time saving tool.

Custom pieces and unconventional shapes can be modelled, meaning it is possible to create curvilinear and freeform designs. As you draw data for cutting lists, construction and estimation are already in the presentation drawing. And, because it’s parametric, drawings can be easily changed at any time.

Vectorworks Architect and InteriorCAD work together to draw floor plans, complete with automatically drawn elevations at designated sections.

Q Where can I learn more about Vectorworks InteriorCAD

A. Our Tutorial Lounge has videos showcasing the simplicity and power of InteriorCAD

Q Can I get support and training for Vectorworks InteriorCAD in New Zealand?

A. Megabits offers a comprehensive range of training resources. These are available throughout New Zealand and the Pacific Islands to ensure you maximise your investment in Vectorworks.

Help is available when you need it and you don’t pay for training or support you don’t use. Learn more about our support and training resources.

Q How much does Vectorworks InteriorCAD cost?

A. To ensure you have the right tools for your design requirements, Megabits will provide a customised quote for your business. Contact us to book a consultation.

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