Camera Match is now incorporated in Vectorworks from version 2018. It allows quick and accurate alignment of a 3D view with a photograph.

Vectorworks Camera Match helps create stunning presentations.

It allows you to match your designs to a photo showing a location or existing buildings. After placing control lines on the image, Camera Match quickly matches the view allowing the model to be placed directly within the photo.

Bring your Vectorworks presentations alive with existing photos of a site and add your Vectorworks 3D model to this.

In less than 10 minutes, watch how you integrate an existing site photo with a proposed addition, for a cafe, using Camera Match and Vectorworks Architect or Designer. A real time saving tool.

Matt Panzar demonstrates Camera Match to add an architectural addition on to an existing house. A great way to show clients how their house extension will look when finished.

If the view still needs tuning, Camera Match’s powerful live tuning controls get the job done fast. Once the view is set, Camera Match’s touchup tools bring it all together.

Camera Match is now part of your Vectorworks licence and makes your 3D models come alive. Order your upgrade to Vectorworks 2017 through Megabits and get access to live backgrounds.