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Vectorworks is used by over 500,000 professionals worldwide.

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Vectorworks is used in entertainment venues worldwide

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Cinema 4D R16 Unveiled! Real-world workflow, out of this world results.

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Our software is used in Educational Institutions worldwide

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Vectorworks is fully BIM compatible. A true open BIM product.

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Cinema 4D R16 now available for purchase in New Zealand.

Vectorworks - solutions driven design software

With 500,000 users world wide you will be in good company.

Long renowned for its BIM capability, Vectorworks continues to be awarded major international awards and accolades in this area. It is the software of choice of renowned international architectural luminaries such as Daniel Libeskind. Few software packages have to ability to effectively cover such a broad spectrum of the designers world and Vectorworks remains true to the founder's vision as the only software enabling you to effectively create your concepts, draw them and then showcase them all within the one single package. Truly efficient best practice workflows at your fingertips!

"To me the strength of Vectorworks is its flexibility whereby I can do concept design, detailing and presentation in the one single programme… The sheer scope of its ability never ceases to amaze me. If you consider yourself a creative designer then this is for you."

Mega talk - Look What's happening!

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