Vision puts the power to previsualize and cue your show at your fingertips. Available for both Mac and PC operating systems, this intuitive software works with your console and equips you to design creatively and efficiently. You will save time and money by previsualizing what your rig can do without needing to travel to the venue or having your crew stand by.


Go beyond the ordinary with flexible Vision tools that allow you to customize colors, gobos, lenses, shutters, or any other fixture parameter. Tap into comprehensive fixture libraries that equip you to work more effectively than ever.

What’s new in Vision 2019

My Virtual Rig

Vectorworks has partnered with MA Lighting and Robe lighting to bring a new open-standard format known as the General Device Type Format (GDTF). MVR is an open-file-format container that packages the GDTF files for all of the lighting fixtures in your design, along with a complete 3D model and data describing the positions and 3D elements. This allows you to easily conduct your previz with Vision and communicate directly from your Vectorworks design to your console. The GDTF format is already supported by the grandMA3® console and will be supported by more than 20 of the largest lighting manufacturers in the near future.


Vision Performance Gains

Version 2019 produces higher-quality rendering, including specular lighting and attenuation, in more complex files, at a higher frame rate. You can now save and recall rendering and interactions in a Vision document. This provides an easier way to set up the appearance and interaction of Vison’s rendering and controls.