Vectorworks Renderworks creates stunning presentations that communicate design concepts precisely. It integrates seamlessly into all Vectorworks CAD software products and provides photo-realistic lighting, textures and rendering.

Renderworks offers you a seamless method to add high-definition rendering that works right from within the familiar Vectorworks interface. Having the Renderworks module means that all rendering happens in an easy-to-set-up file that saves time because there is no repetitive transfer between your CAD and rendering applications.

Since Renderworks works from inside Vectorworks, the initial learning curve is reduced, and you’ll be more efficient as you modify the model and render without interruption. Upgrades and changes in 2016 will save time for those rendered modelling requirements.

Learn how cameras help in creating the lighting effects, you’re wanting to achieve with Renderworks. This Getting Started tutorial goes in to the details to work through this process.

With the power of the Cinema 4D render engine, Vectorworks Renderworks offers an array of high quality presentation techniques. Set your lighting, map textures, add HDRI backgrounds and produce stunning high quality renderings all from a single application.

For those who want to combine Vectorworks with the animation capabilities of Cinema 4D, Megabits offers bundles that combine both products.

Q Does Vectorworks Renderworks run while I am drawing?

A. Yes. Updating of the sheet layers involving rendering takes place in the background, allowing you to continue working on the Design Layer.

Q Can I save my own rendering styles?

A. Yes. You can set a style and save it on the resource browser.

Q Is Cinema 4D rendering faster than the old Lightworks rendering?

A. Yes, it is a lot faster.

Q Are there new textures available?

A. Yes. There is an excellent range of Arroway image textures available. You can also make your own textures from jpeg or png images.

Q Is there a way to complete renders away from my machine?

A. Yes. With Vectorworks Service Select (VSS) you can place your files in the cloud, where they will be rendered and then returned to your desktop.

Q Can I get support and training for Vectorworks Renderworks in New Zealand?

A. Megabits offers a comprehensive range of training resources. These are available throughout New Zealand and the Pacific Islands to ensure you maximise your investment in Vectorworks.

Help is available when you need it and you don’t pay for training or support you don’t use. Learn more about our support and training resources.

Q How much does Vectorworks Renderworks cost?

A. To ensure you have the right tools for your design requirements, Megabits will provide a customised quote for your business. Contact us to book a consultation.