Bond’s SKYFALL shattered box office records around the globe when released in October 2012. The 007 Art Department uses Vectorworks software for their Bond sets.

Blackwalnut is a full-service fabrication company that specialises in scenic environments for the broadcast industry. They design in Vectorworks and then build TV sets.

British-born David Lee created the lighting at New York’s Madison Square Garden for boy band One Direction.

Vectorworks Designer

Vectorworks Designer enables users to draft, model, and present in a single, intuitive interface. The package includes all the architecture software, drafting software, landscape design software, lighting software and interior design software for the design professional that does it all.

Vectorworks Designer includes:

  • Vectorworks Architect
  • Vectorworks Landmark
  • Vectorworks Spotlight
  • Vectorworks Mechanical
  • Vectorworks Fundamentals
  • Vectorworks Renderworks

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Vectorworks Spotlight

Vectorworks Spotlight is the industry-leading lighting design software for entertainment design.

This is the software of choice for theatre lighting and design professionals and is used extensively throughout Australasia for Museum and Exhibition Design.

Vectorworks can import and export a wide range of file formats, working seamlessly with other disciplines.

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Cinema 4D

Cinema 4D is a stand-alone rendering application used to produce high quality still images and animated movies for presentations.

The direct export from Vectorworks Architect to Cinema 4D means any lighting or textures used in Vectorworks are carried through to Cinema 4D.

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Vectorworks ConnectCAD

ConnectCAD is an add-on that runs within Vectorworks.

Designed by an electrical engineer specialising in the design of audio and television control rooms, ConnectCAD allows users to draw wiring diagrams which can be easily changed. Component lists and cable lists are all generated in Vectorworks worksheets.

The programme integrates totally with Vectorworks which means racks can be placed in a room drawn to scale in Vectorworks and then presented in 3D.

In addition to the design of audio visual related systems, ConnectCAD can handle virtually any electrical design work. The system is ideal for designing computer networks within a building.

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Camera Match in Vectorworks

Camera Match is now incorporated in Vectorworks from version 2018. It allows quick and accurate alignment of a 3D view with a photograph.

This is a valuable time saving tool in the presentation and visualisation process.

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Lightwright 6

Lightwright/Vectorworks Data Exchange is a new and easy way to share data with Vectorworks Spotlight 2017, with one exception….except for the new Project Sharing in 2016. It is unlikely that Data Exchange will ever work with Project Sharing

  • Worksheet reconciliation compares and synchronizes show files
  • Share files and worknotes via network and built-in email
  • Complete history of all changes, with flexible rollback options
  • Wheel design window for moving lights
  • Colour scroll design window
  • Live instrument and accessory counts
  • Automatic dimmer load balancing

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